Fast and practical customer service

When visiting an online casino, it is often necessary to verify certain ambiguities related to the bonuses, conditions or the operation of the website.

In the case of customer service, we must apply the following maxim: the faster, the better. Ideally, a  customer service that includes a live chat 24 hours a day with a friendly and helpful staff. On the contrary, it is necessary to avoid those casinos that offer an email address to which to send questions or claims and that take three days to answer or those with a telephone service that always communicates.

Good-looking and sensible bonuses

All online Bola88 casinos try to draw players with promotions in the form of bonus. The correct use of the bonuses can help the amateur players to reduce the costs derived from the game. On the other hand, there are players who only try to take benefit of casino bonuses to obtain long-term benefits.

If you play in casinos, it is significant to know the ins and outs of the bonuses and their supplies, even if your goal is not to focus solely on their exploitation. Although accepting a bonus is usually helpful, there are those who hide conditions so unfavorable that it is not worth investing time in them. An example is deposit bonuses, whose wagering requirements apply to the sum of the deposit and the bonus. If the wagering requirements are very high, this bonus will unnecessarily limit your bets and will not allow you to withdraw your winnings until you meet those requirements.


In any case, before starting to play, keep in mind the financial capacity of the casino. Always choose the best and make sure that the casino can pay you even 5,000 times your maximum bet. If you are lucky enough to win a significant amount of money and the casino does not pay you, your mental health will be affected.

You must also definitely check the withdrawal limits. To collect € 250,000, at a rate of € 3,000 per month, you would need almost seven years! At this time, the casino may end up in bankruptcy and not pay you the rest of the money you owe.